Diagnostic Tool

Welcome to the PERFORM-AI Diagnostic Tool, whose aim is to evaluate the impact of the AI project applied on various business processes selected and to sum up all the benefits and efforts so to have a view of the global AI project impact.  
There are cases when including two different processes in the AI project scope can generate beneficial synergies that result in a higher benefit than that of the individual processes.

Watch the below tutorial videos in the given order to understand the Tools' use, after which access the Tool!

1. Surfing the PERFORM-AI Diagnostic Tool
2. Obtaining the PERFORM-AI Diagnostic Tool Impact PDF

Below you can find a real example of how to use the PERFORM-AI Diagnostic Tool which shows how the same AI solution can have two cumulative effects. The first effect is to increase the effectiveness of the business, the second is to improve the efficiency of the process and the business as a whole.
First, watch the Magic Counter Case video, supported by the excel file facilitating the understanding of the Diagnostic Tool function.

3. Magic Counter Case;  The Magic Counter for impact calculation.xlsx

4. Feel free to navigate the Tool itself by clicking the illustration below!

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