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AI is the most transformative technology of our times. From personalised medicine and personalised education to connected cars and connected homes, through face and voice recognition we are likely to be experiencing already the effects of AI in our lives.

Using AI is something like training computers to watch our customer habits, areas of interest and many other different things in our every day lives and train them to support us better use our resources, sell our products best and so on.

But how AI works and how can small businesses benefit from applying AI? The PERFORM AI project aims to develop innovative training materials educating VET teachers and learners alike, about AI essentials and how its adoption can improve business performance.

The PERFORM-AI (Enhance Business Performance with Artificial Intelligence) project is funded through the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme, and involves a number of seven partner organizations. Partners are working together for 30 months, in the 2020 November and 2023 April period.

For supporting small businesses on their way of adopting AI solutions, project partners - who were chosen based on their widespread expertise, involving institutions from various fields such as training organizations, AI experts, university - are all concentrating on the successful implementation of the project aims and objectives. With the purpose of effectively doing so, partners will develop the following OUTCOMES:

1. Case studies & digital stories of identified SMEs who are already adopting AI
2. Diagnostic Tool to evaluate the impact of AI on each selected process of a business
3. PERFORM AI VET Curriculum for Trainers to train their learners to “Enhance Business Performance with AI”
4. PERFORM AI Training Kit for learners who would like to adopt AI in their future businesses
5. PERFORM AI Learning HUB: Online learning platform
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